Power Plants

There are many ways in which power is delivered to you and the best way to generate is through Power Plant.

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Gas Generators

Used to generate electricity from natural gas/diesel/ HFO, etc. It is an independent complete power generation package

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Engineering Services

We offer the complete package, sourcing, decommissioning, transportation, erection and training, the ultimate “One Stop Shop” in gas turbine relocation. We support a worldwide time zone with our offices open seven days.

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We are dedicated to provide our clients with the highest standards. Our team allows you to connect in America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. We work alongside companies that provide us with the latest in technology and material for efficiency and effective outcomes. From the decommissioning to transportation, erection and training, we give you everything you need as a complete package to move forward. Our friendly staff is here to help you. Contact Us for more information.



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