Our Approach

We are a trusted dealer of Power Plant Machinery and Power Generation Equipment Worldwide.
We maintain a huge inventory of power plants, boilers, steam turbines & steam turbine generators, diesel engine generators, gas turbine generators, alternators / generator ends, gearboxes, electric motors and power generating equipment, all of which is needed by business houses worldwide.

Our Story

Initially the firm concentrated on trading in only used Boilers and Diesel Power Houses. Since the 1980’s the firm has been actively dealing in the field of supplying complete power plant machinery. We have successfully graduated to importing new as well as used equipments all across the globe, some of which include Europe, China, Far East,etc.

We Deliver

We aim to supply and undertake the fiiting of New and Used Generators, Turbines & Power Plants. Our Associates offer Revamping, Overhauling and Refurbishing of all new energy equipment and installation at our client’s sites.

We deliver powerful personalized service by assisting our customers to identify and select the best machines that suit their requirement not only from our stock inventory