Diesel Generators

Our range of diesel generators includes the best portable generators manufactured internationally, designed to provide an economical and efficient source of electrical power to those who need to operate in remote locations and require a backup supply that will not let them down. We supply our clients with used or new generators made to the highest standard.

We have a wide variety of generators for a number of domestic and commercial applications, so we understand that finding the perfecting one for your requirements might seem daunting at first. We’ve spent some time putting together a simple check-list of considerations to help you narrow the choices.


Working out what you need

  • Wattage – determine exactly how much power you’ll require for the items you wish to run.
  • Domestic or professional – some generators are designed specifically for hobbyists and leisure use, others are perfect for workshops and commercial use.
  • Equipment – do you want to run sensitive equipment such as computers or televisions straight from your generator? We have a range of inverter generators for sensitive electronics.
  • Petrol or diesel – you need to consider the total cost of ownership when investing in a new generator. With a comprehensive petrol and diesel generator range, you’ll be able to pick the most cost efficient fuel source for your power requirements.


Typical Power Ratings

This is an approximate guide only. Wattages can vary massively, so it’s always worth looking up your specific piece of equipment.

Electrical Equipment Approximate Wattage Electrical Equipment Approximate Wattage
Air con 1hp 2500* Iron 1000
Angle grinder 125mm 1100* Iron (steam) 2200
Angle grinder 230mm 2200* Jigsaw 600*
Belt sander 1100* Kettle 2500 – 3000
Cement mixer (small) 1500* Lawn mower 600 – 1200*
Central heating pump 800 Lawn raker 500
Chain saw 1600* Light bulb-domestic 25 – 100
Concreate poker 2500* Microwave 900W 1500
Cooker 12,000 (minimum)* Orbital sander 500*
Computer and VDU 700 Planer 1000*
Coffee machine 1300 Power drill 500 – 900*
Dehumidifier 3000* Power float 1500
Deep freeze 1500* Photocopier 1600
Demolition breaker 2400* Pressure washer 3000 – 6000*
Dish Washer 2000 – 3000* Printer 400
Fan heater 2 bar 2000* Radiator (oil filled) 1000 -2000
Fax Machine 600 Router 1600 – 9000*
Flood light TH 500 Saw (chain) 1500*
Flood light MH 1000 Saw (masonry) 4000*
Fluorescent tube 60 Saw (mitre) 1600*
Floor sander (200mm) 2000* SAT TV receiver 25
Food mixer 500* Strimmer 500*
Fridge 700 – 1000* Television 200
Hair dryer 1500 -2300* Toaster 1050 – 1500
Hair straightners 150 Treadmill (domestic) 2300*
Hammer drill 1000* Tumble dryer 2500*
Hedge trimmer 600* Vacuum Cleaner 1000 – 1300*
Hi-fi 300 Washing Machine 4000*
Hot air gun 3000 Water heater 3000
Electrical Equipment Running Watts Starting Watts
0.25 HP motor 250 800
0.50 HP motor 500 1600
0.75 HP motor 750 2300
1.00 HP motor 1000 3000
1.50 HP motor 1500 4500
2.00 HP motor 2000 6000

Petrol or Diesel Generators?

Choosing between a petrol or diesel generator may seem arbitrary, but in reality it will seriously affect your total cost of ownership. Diesel generators tend to cost more out of the box than petrol alternatives, but when you think about the long term running costs it’s not quite that simple.Over the long term, diesel will give you a considerable saving on fuel if you’re using the generator often, especially if you have access to red diesel. Diesel engines will generally stand up to more regular use, especially with high end engines and generator models.

As a rule of thumb, it you’re looking for a generator under 10 kVA then you would purchase a petrol model, and over 10 kVa you would look at diesel generators.








100 – 3500W – MODEL APG3302

11 – 4000W – MODEL GEN4000

$32,500/FULL LOAD