Power Plants

Used for Generation of Electricity using fuels like coal / biomass / gas / HFO, etc. Includes complete plant from fuel handling system to transmission system. Coal- and gas-fired power plants will continue to form the backbone of our electricity supply. Energy consumption is on the up worldwide, despite all the progress made in renewable energy, highly efficient, fossil-fired power plants will have to ensure dependable power supplies in the foreseeable future.

We bringĀ  efficient solutions to you for effective ways to to provide energy at a low cost without compromising on quality or health and safety standards.

Equipment No. Equipment Specifications
EIN-1001 1 No. 6 MW IJT Triveni (2002) Biomass Power Plant
EIN-1002 1 No. 6 MW Thermodyne Belliss (2000) Bagasse fired Power Plant
EIN-1003 1 No. 25 MW NEW Bagasse fired Power Plant
EIN-1004 1 No. 37.5 MW Coal-Biomass Fired Power Plant
EIN-1005 1 No. 250 MW Gas fired Power Barge
EIN-5004 3 Nos. 12.35 MW each, MAN B&W (1999) make HFO Generator Sets
EIN-5005 1 No. 34 MW Wartsila make Gas Fired Cogeneration Power Plant
EIN-5006 1 No. 52 MW MAN make HFO Power Plant
EIN-5007 1 No. 60 MW Wartsila make Gas fired Complete Power Plant
EIN-5008 1 No. 95 MW Wartsila make Gas fired Cogeneration Power Plant
EIN-5009 1 No. 105 MW HFO Fired Engine Power Plant
EIN-5010 1 No. 110 MW HFO Fired Engine Power Plant
EIN-5011 1 No. 200 MW HFO fired Power Plant
EIN-9002 1 No. 25 MW Rolls Royce Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9004 1 No. 35 MW GE LM2500+ Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9005 1 No. 41 MW GE Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9006 1 No. 50 MW GE LM600PC Sprint Cogen Power Plant
EIN-9007 1 No. 50 MW GE LM6000 Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9008 1 No. 70 MW Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9009 1 No. 120 MW GE Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9010 1 No. 124 MW GE Frame 6C Gas fired Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9011 1 No. 180 MW GE LM6000 Combined Cycle Power Plant
EIN-9013 6 Nos. 375 MW GE Frame 6B Combined Cycle Power Plants