Our Stream Turbine products fits a broad range of customer needs. It can be designed for optimum back-fitting to an existing process, e.g. when a municipal utility is modernized. Or, when space is limited, it can be adapted as a compact steam turbine package with a small oil piping system, e.g. as a boiler feedwater pump drive. Or it is also well suited where high-efficiency steam turbines are demanded with best-in-class blading and minimized losses. We deliver a standard steam turbine set (with or without gearbox), a generator, oil system, piping and instrumentation and control system. The standard package can be extended to include a condenser, condensing plant or pre-heating systems as well. They have been mainly used to drive various mechanical equipment. Steam generated from the boiler used in the steam turbines.

Capacity : 200 kW – 7000 kW






Refurbished GE Frame 9E (9171) Turbine & Compressor Rotor


General description :                     New parts : 
Model 9171                                        Forward stub shaft turbine section
Located in the Netherlands         Turbine rotor through bolt assembly
Operating hrs 5,170                         17th stage compressor disc
Manufacturer GE & JBE                 Compressor rotor through bolt set


Original manufacturing information:
Serial Number 296779
Design Memo GR0344
Material List ML-9A1PE88-1
Manufacturer GE & JBE
Ship Year 1996
5,170 fired hours

Packing/shipping  weights & dimensions:
Rotor part 18 Tons  470cm x 165cm Box placed on HEA steel beam and cover frame 500 x 250 x 220 cm
Container: 2900 kg
Gross: 21 Tons

Rotor part 29 Tons 590 x 220 cm Steel base frame and cover frame 620 x 250 x 290 cm
Container: 6900 kg
Gross: 36 Tons

Additional information:
The compressor blades only had 5,000 hours on them so they are in excellent condition and have been recoated by Stork, all this is covered under the ATH standard warranty.